Sponsorship Information

Why Sponsorship is Important

Southern Illinois Pride Collective is a community-oriented organization that was created to focus on southern Illinois' annual Pride celebration, and creating inclusive events year-round to build networks between organizations and businesses to better serve the community. Sponsors can choose whether they want to support a specific event, either by means of a monetary contribution, providing a venue for a fundraiser or event, or provide needed supplies for that event. Sponsorships can help fill gaps in funding so we can build bigger and better events as we grow.

What's the Difference Between A Sponsor and A PridePartner?

A sponsor is someone that wants to support a specific event or activity by contributing supplies or funds. Sponsors can choose which events or activities they want to support. There are different sponsorship tiers that reflect how the sponsor is acknowledged on our advertising and promotional material. PridePartners are businesses or other organizations that have made pledges to support our events throughout the year.

Sponsoring on behalf of a business or organization? 

You can read more about our PridePartner program HERE.

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Example of Sponsorship Tier breakdowns:

Example 1

For some events, "Tier 1" may be a defined amount, like $50 for example, and Tier 2 may be $100, Tier 3 may be $200. 

Example 2

For other events, the Tiers could be ranges, such as Tier 1 being $100-$250 and Tier 2 being $275-$400 and Tier 3 being $425-$600

Example 3

For very large events, the Tiers may have different levels, as well, with each tier having a range and the range is then broken down into levels and the recognition and sponsor benefits grow greater, as well. This may mean that Tier 1A sponsors get shout outs on the event page on social media, all the way up to Tier 3 Sponsors having their logo printed on event t-shirts and 3C printed on event banners. 

Leveled Tiers may look like this (the numbers below are examples only):

Tier 1 ($200-$450) 

1A $200-$275, 1B $300-$375, 1C $400-$450

Tier 2 ($475-$750) 

2A, 2B, 2C

Tier 3 ($775-$1500) 

3A, 3B, 3C